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Food Plan

Why Paleo?


Food is fundamental to being in accord with nature.  The patients we treat have common problems with yeast colonization in their gastrointestinal tract.  Part of the healing process involves developing a lifestyle change which encourages patients to see food as a necessity to live.  We should eat to live, not live to eat.  I advise my patients to avoid any forms of starches and sugars because they ferment during digestion.  In the same way, patients are to avoid processed dairy and beans.  Beans have lectins which are pro-inflammatory molecules. 

Once we have removed the foods that continue to cause damage to the body, patients are left with a finite group of whole, natural, unprocessed foods.  Health is returning to a state that is in accord with nature.  When you are out-of-accord with nature, you are unhealthy. 

Patients who are compliant with the food plan find that they feel better and resolve their personal health issues.  Those who stay on the plan and the lifestyle change reap the most benefit.  When people start eating Paleo, they often lose weight, feel less hungry, and have fewer cravings for sugar. Their skin brightens; they have more energy and can literally begin to reverse the damage that the high carbohydrate and low fat, low nutrient diet has caused.  People’s digestive systems thank them for this diet, and many people even get to come off of their antidepressants and other medications.

It is easy to be discouraged when you live in our society where eating is a social gathering and the foods served are not always in accord with nature.  Take control of your life and focus on eating in order to live.

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